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Why Music?

Why Music Class?

How fun is it to express ourselves in words that are not our own, and sounds from silence? To be able to create a whole new world of sound and communication from our breath or our imagination? To invoke emotions and feelings, to conjure memories and dreams. Music has been used for centuries. It soothes feelings, amps up energy, and everything in between.

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Universal Language

Music is a universal language! We get to communicate with people all over the world with it. It exists with and without words, written and unwritten, and passed down from generation to generation telling stories and preserving history. We often find music is the supporting player in so many of our life’s special moments.

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Imagine the confidence a music student gains from continually challenging themselves to learn their work with the certainty to perform. The ability to stand in front of your peers or an audience and assert yourself is a life skill that will never let you down. These life skills can be used on the stage, in the boardroom, on the salesroom floor, or serving in the community.

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Smarter Brains

It is also one of the few activities that engages both right and left sides of the brain at the same time.  Many studies show students who also include musical studies in their daily routine tend to have higher scores in academics. An education in music allows growth in the brain that withstands time and sets up students for future endeavours. So whether you embark on group lessons or private study, or whether you choose an instrument or your own voice, the benefits of a musical education are limitless.

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