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Why Drama Classes?

Why Drama Class?

Drama is a great activity to help your child learn to work on a team. Gain friendships through activity. Grow into themselves.

By choosing to explore different characters and storylines we provide a safe space for children to develop into who they want to be. Drama gives the freedom to explore emotions that are not always accessible during everyday student life, but essential for the development of the whole person. There is growth in exploring characters and what makes them behave or make choices to create the stories the class explores.


Imagine the confidence a drama student gains from continually challenging themselves. Learning their work with the certainty to perform. The ability to stand in front of your peers or an audience. To assert yourself is a life skill that will never let you down. These are life skills! They translate to the stage, in the boardroom, on the salesroom floor, or serving in the community.

Growing Before Your Eyes

When asked the question “Why Drama?”, think of all the students that have grown their self-worth right before us in class at APA. Consider the children who have found a place to be accepted as they are. Visualize the creativity the classroom allows to run free. Harnessing energy to create fantastic stories that honour all the ideas and personalities in the room.

When I am reminded of all the powerful life lessons that have happened in the room all I can respond with is – why not drama? There is so much to be gained!

Try a FREE class on us! Come see what it is all about!

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