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Why do we have a dress code?

It’s a common question to hear in our hallways: What purpose does the dress code actually serve?  We’re glad you asked!  APA’s dress code was established for a few very important reasons:

  • Safety

The number one factor in establishing a dress code is for all students’ safety in class.  A basic leotard and tights for dance or shirt and leggings for Drama class and music class, along with hair pulled back and the appropriate shoes, ensures that there are no extraneous clothes or jewelry that can become hazardous.  The dress code also helps teachers see that students are using the right muscles and alignment in order to learn the correct movements in class.  

  • Modesty

At APA, we want every student to feel good about trying their best in class.  Following the dress code helps us make sure that everyone is appropriately covered … but not so covered that their movement is restricted!  We know that kids can sometimes feel self-conscious, and we want to encourage their confidence by helping them feel comfortable with what they wear in the studio. 

  • Respect

A dress code is one way students show respect for themselves,  their peers and their teachers.  It demonstrates an understanding of how a class operates, with minimal distractions and the ability to move freely for any combination of steps, instruments or choreography.  It shows that the students are prepared to learn and are willing to save their fashion statements for outside of class.

  • Practicality

Because APA offers exams, the dress code also helps prepare students for the examination environment so that they will look poised and polished.  Exams determine each student’s progress, so the focus is on their movement, performance and expression (not their classwear!).  For many performance experiences (including our year end recital), dresscode also serves as a versatile base layer for costuming.  

At APA, we’ve done our research and looked at the quality and durability of different leotards, tights and shirts before deciding on our dress code requirements. We want to ensure that when you invest in these materials, you only have to do it once … or until your child grows!  

If you or your child has any dress code questions, we are happy to help answer them.  We look forward to seeing you at your next boutique visit!

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