Music – September Newsletter 2017



A Note from Miss Shelby:
Welcome to APA’s 2017-2018 season students and parents! Whether you’re a returning student or brand new to APA, we couldn’t be more excited to have you on board! We’ve been working hard all summer on developing the music program and are looking forward to some new and exciting opportunities for our music students.
In addition to our yearly music recital, students will have the opportunity throughout the season to participate in several new programs including APA’s 2017 Christmas Spectacular Show, the Calgary Performing Arts Festival and RCM Examinations to name a few! To keep you informed of everything we will be sending out monthly newsletters and you can always refer to our ‘Music Year At a Glance’ calendar if you’re wondering about studio closures or events.
Finally, we are welcoming a new music teacher to our program this season! Her name is Miss Jillian H. and she just recently graduated from Elon University with her music degree. She brings a great deal of knowledge and performance experience to our program and we are lucky to have her!
We’re so excited to be back in the studio and can’t wait to get started on this new season!

September at the Studio:

September 9th: Classes begin so mark your calendars!

Up Next:

In October we will be sending out invitations for the following programs:
APA’s 2017 Christmas Spectacular Show
Calgary Performing Arts Festival
RCM Examinations

Keep an eye out for these to come home!

September Practice Tip

Practice Charts:
Every music student will receive a practice chart in their first lesson. When your student practices, record the date and the length of time they practiced (even 5 minutes counts!). Once the chart is completed, your student can bring it to their lesson and pick a prize from our treasure box!

Hint: I recommend posting the chart on the fridge or somewhere else it will be easily visible. This way it will be a great visual reminder for your student to practice, and you will have an easier time remembering to fill it out!