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Programs for Ages 5 to 9

Ambition Arts offers many programs for kids ages 5 to 9 including drama, music, and dance programs in Airdrie.


Our ballet classes follow RAD syllabus, which promotes a strong technical base, grace, and quality of movement. Ballet compliments all disciplines of dance – it’s a dancer’s bread and butter!

Our Tap dance classes follow Al Gilbert and ADAPT syllabus, which provides dancers with a deep understanding of rhythm and timing. Your dancer will learn classic steps, and might be inspired to become the next Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers!

The perfect class for those who love to go upsidedown! Following Acrobatic Arts and ADAPT syllabi, dancers will explore basic gymnastics skills and work on developing strength and flexibility by incorporating jazz techniques.

By incorporating ADAPT Jazz technique with the latest styles, we provide an excellent environment for success from recreation to professional aspirations. Dancers will develop a strong technical base while grooving to upbeat music!

These dance classes feature combinations in ballet, jazz, modern and more! The class enhances stage performance, style, and development as a performer. We recommend dancers who take this class also enroll in ballet to enhance their overall experience.

Using today’s popular music, learn some of your favorite stars’ hottest moves! Several styles will be explored, and your dancer will develop rhythm, flow, and of course… cool moves! These dance classes are perfect for boys just starting out too.

This power charged class is a cool blend of your favourite star’s Hip Hop moves, and super stealth Ninja Tumbling! This class will explore several styles of hip hop to help your dancer develop rhythm and flow, and also teach skills like ninja rolls, speed vaults, handstands, and MORE!

Combining jazz technique with the excitement of performing, students will enjoy a combination of singing, dancing and acting. Dancers will be thrilled to create several mini-musicals in class throughout the year!

Tap? Check! Jazz? Check! Ballet? Check! Glitter and Glitz? CHECK! Petite Foundations classes are 90 minute combination classes that include the core dance disciplines on Tap, Jazz, and Ballet! Through our Foundations classes, your Dancer will study and learn concepts and skills from Al Gilbert, ADAPT, and RAD Syllabi, all while basking in oodles of glitter and glitz found in our executive classroom! Petite Foundations are the bread and butter of dance!


This unique class is designed for dancers aged 6 and older who are experiencing developmental challenges with sensory processing, and delayed motor skills, or physical challenges with mobility or delayed motor skills. Built around the basics of Hip Hop dance, students are encouraged to develop their strength, musicality, and coordination. Chance to Dance classes introduce the joy of movement to those who might have thought it wasn’t possible to dance!

Future Features is a class for the artist with a blossoming passion! We will look deep into the text of plays to unlock full dramatic potential. Interpersonal skills will be strengthened and students will begin to understand more of who they are in order to bring that into performance!


Music is a universal language that spans many genres and talents. Our offerings include Group Voice, Group Guitar as well as private lessons in Voice, Piano, Guitar (Acoustic, Bass, Electric) and Ukelele.



If after 60 days you are not satisfied with your dance, drama or music lessons for any reason we will refund your tuition. We believe so strongly in our programming that if you give us 60 days to work our magic, your child will love the performing arts as much as we do. It’s that simple.


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