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Programs for Ages 3 to 4

Ambition Arts offers many programs for kids ages 3 to 4 including drama, music, and dance programs in Airdrie.


Happy Feet is a Ballet and Tap combination class. Students will enjoy dance classes that provide guided learning through creative movement, singing, ballet, and tap syllabus. Dancers will learn fundamental movement skills with a focus on traveling skills and balance movements.

Tumble Hop is a combination class for little dancers who love to go upside down and all around! We will provide guided learning through creative movement and Acro and Hip Hop technique with a focus on traveling skills (like sliding) and balance movements like stretching.

Tap? Check! Jazz? Check! Ballet? Check! Glitter and Glitz? CHECK! Petite Foundations classes are 60 minute combination classes that include the core dance disciplines on Tap, Jazz, and Ballet! Through our Foundations classes, your Dancer will study and learn concepts and skills from Al Gilbert, ADAPT, and RAD Syllabi, all while basking in oodles of glitter and glitz found in our executive classroom! Petite Foundations are the bread and butter of dance!



If after 60 days you are not satisfied with your dance, drama or music lessons for any reason we will refund your tuition. We believe so strongly in our programming that if you give us 60 days to work our magic, your child will love the performing arts as much as we do. It’s that simple.


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