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Summer Camps in Airdrie

Discover and explore various styles of dance and keep moving throughout the summer.

Summer day camps in Airdrie are the perfect time to try new activities or increase your skills for activities you love. Our camps always bring fresh new themes and the opportunity to explore. There is something for everyone as we explore the arts all summer long! Camps include singing dancing and acting and our time-honoured tradition of a show at the end!

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Explore Summer Camps With Ambition Performing Arts

Welcome to Ambition Performing Arts Inc.’s exciting world of Pop Up Camps and Summer Camps – where creativity knows no bounds and every week is a new adventure for your child! If you’re a parent seeking the perfect summer program for your young one, look no further than Ambition Performing Arts Inc.

Our Summer Camps are a summer highlight, taking place throughout the month of July. With fresh themes revealed in February, your child will embark on a four-day journey, indulging in two hours of creative exploration every day. Whether they’re aged 3-4, 5-7, 8-10, or 11+, we have carefully curated age-specific programs to ensure your child has the best experience possible.

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Bluey’s Boomerang Bash

Ages 3 - 5
HURRAY! We are jumping paws first into the joyful world of Bluey where imagination and play reign supreme! Inspired by the beloved Bluey and her lovable friends, our camp is designed to bring the magic of the Heeler family to life for an unforgettable summer experience. From creative arts and crafts inspired by Bluey’s adventures to exciting games that capture the spirit of the show, every day at camp is filled with laughter and boundless fun.

Poppy’s Pool Party

Ages 3 – 8
Welcome to Poppy’s Pool Party, where the magical world of Trolls comes to life! Immerse yourself in the vibrant and enchanting universe of Poppy, Branch, and their Troll friends. From arts and crafts to energetic dance parties set to the infectious beats of Trolls music, each day promises laughter and creativity.

Minion Mayhem Madness

Ages 6 - 8
There’s nothing despicable about our Minion Mayhem Madness summer camp, where the mischievous and lovable Minions take center stage for a summer of laughter and delightful chaos! Campers will dive into the whimsical world of Gru and his yellow sidekicks as they embark on a series of entertaining and imaginative activities. From crafting quirky inventions in Minion-themed arts and crafts to participating in banana-themed games and silly obstacle courses, every day at camp promises endless fun.

APA Era’s Week

Ages 9 +
Get ready to Swift into the Ultimate Era’s Tour Week! This week, we’re channeling the Taylor Swift vibe for our campers. From ‘Fearless’ to ‘1989,’ we’ll explore the musical eras of Taylor Swift through engaging activities, creative expression, and of course, plenty of chart-topping fun! Let’s make every day a melody- filled adventure through the eras of Taylor Swift. See you there, Swifties!

Explore Your Passions

At Ambition Performing Arts Inc., we believe in nurturing the full spectrum of creative talents. Our Summer Camps offer a comprehensive glimpse into everything we have to offer. From dance to music to theatre, your child will be exposed to a rich tapestry of artistic experiences that will spark their imagination and ignite their passion.

But the fun doesn’t stop in the summer! Keep an eye on our e-newsletter for our exciting pop-up camps, specially designed to align with the seasons and events in our school calendar. These spontaneous camps are a fantastic way for your child to explore their creativity year-round, keeping them engaged and excited about the world of performing arts.

At Ambition Performing Arts Inc, we pride ourselves on creating a safe, inclusive, and inspiring environment for young minds to flourish. Our dedicated team of instructors is passionate about helping your child unlock their full potential while having a blast along the way.

Don’t miss out on the chance to make this summer unforgettable for your child. Explore the fantastic world of Pop Up Camps and Summer Camps offered by Ambition Performing Arts Inc. Enroll your child today, and watch them shine!


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