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Ukulele Lessons Airdrie

Welcome to the APA Ukulele Community!

Jump into an incredible adventure with our ukulele classes here at APA! This is an instrument that has a sound designed to bring in smiles and lift spirits. It is a perfect instrument for both beginners and experienced players looking to add music into their lives! Our studio offers a safe learning space where students get to make mistakes and grow along the way. Each instructor that walks through our doors are dedicated professionals who are excited to share their love of the instrument with their students. Through our curriculum, students will learn essential chords and strumming patterns, while also growing into new music!

Explore Your Passions

Do you use a syllabus that includes the ukulele?

Absolutely we do! We focus on Hal Leonard as well as additional pieces to structure a well balanced class! This looks like working with students to find their interests and what attracts them to the instrument. We LOVE to cross genres and raise confidence through the syllabus that we teach!

Do I have to have my own ukulele?

Yes Please! We ask that our students practice and show off their hard work from home! We are here to help you find the best instrument for your student! This looks like a conversation for your first week of classes to help you find what instrument will best fit your student! We have your back as you enter our music studio!

The ukulele’s accessibility makes it an excellent choice for anyone eager to delve into the world of music! This instrument allows students to try music of many genres and to grow into new ideas. Ukulele teaches students memory, creativity, and coordination, while also giving students confidence, discipline, and responsibility! We give students the opportunity to perform in recitals, community events, and even to join our Music Company! There is no shortage of areas to grow into this instrument as students find their confidence on the ukulele!

Music is a Universal Language...

We look forward to sharing the universal language of music with you and cannot wait to welcome you into our musical community!

Airdrie Ukulele Lessons


Ukulele Private Lessons

Ages 5 – 18
Through technical exercises you will learn correct posture, note reading, aural skills, picking techniques, rhythmic patterns, chord study, finger-picking styles, musical forms and get improvisation and performing experiences!

We offer many styles of music classes for kids aged 2 to adult in Airdrie including group lessons for preschoolers and group singing lessons as well as private lessons in piano, voice and guitar.

Our Preschool Music FunTime program (age 2 – 4) teaches the Fundamentals! Your child will learn to read music and the value of notes. They will be introduced to percussion instruments, as well as basic piano! This hands-on music program will teach your child to identify dozens of band and orchestra instruments by sight and sound.

Professional private and group music instruction in Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Ukelele are offered through our In House Music Studio at APA! We offer instruction to students who range in level from beginner to intermediate! Discover instruments like: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass & Ukulele