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Singing Lessons Airdrie (Voice)

Welcome to the APA Voice Community!

Join us for an adventure in the human voice and all of its capabilities! Here at APA, we believe that enrolling into voice lessons is an investment into a student’s personal and musical growth. Voice lessons offer an opportunity to grow their vocal abilities, as well as essential life skills. Our team of professional instructors help students of all skill levels develop their vocal technique, breath control, and musical ear, creating a foundation for the voice to grow. Beyond musical proficiency, voice lessons also teach confidence, self expression, and discipline, which your student can carry into the rest of their lives. Our voice lessons work to be an enriching experience that will stay with students beyond our doors.

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What do we use for a syllabus?

Fantastic question! We believe in giving a well rounded education through music and therefore have many avenues of curriculum that we use. This includes The Royal Conservatory of Music, Conservatory Canada, Musical Theatre Repertoire, and MORE! We like to give your students the ability to read AND play music while learning all about why music is the way it is.

Flexible Programs

What do we bring for class?

A well warmed up voice is our favourite type of instrument to work with in singing! Instructors will help students find the best warm up path for them based on their voice type and age. We also ask that students have a water bottle ready to go to keep the voice hydrated. We take great care in promoting a healthy instrument that will last a lifetime! We will happily help you along the way with making sure you are ready to go for your classes!

Our curriculum is designed to cater to each student’s specific needs, whether they are beginners or seasoned vocalists. Instructors possess a wealth of knowledge in various genres, providing a wide range of exploration for students. We give students the space to showcase their growth in recitals, community performances, and even the opportunity to join our Music Company! We believe that by joining vocal lessons, students will be able to boost their self-esteem, find space for creativity, and grow into amazing human beings.

Music is a Universal Language...

Music is a universal language which passes the barriers of speech. We look forward to sharing this language and getting to know you!

Airdrie Singing Lessons (Voice)



Ages 5 – 18
Designed to improve vocal skill, strength, expression, and musicality, Voice classes introduce a variety of age and skill-appropriate repertoire selections and exercises. Musical genres studied will be chosen to grow the student’s confidence and may include classical, musical theatre, or contemporary. Voice classes are taught on an individual basis so material can be tailored to each student’s abilities and interests.

We offer many styles of music classes for kids aged 2 to adult in Airdrie including group lessons for preschoolers and group singing lessons as well as private lessons in piano, voice and guitar.

Our Preschool Music FunTime program (age 2 – 4) teaches the Fundamentals! Your child will learn to read music and the value of notes. They will be introduced to percussion instruments, as well as basic piano! This hands-on music program will teach your child to identify dozens of band and orchestra instruments by sight and sound.

Professional private and group music instruction in Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Ukelele are offered through our In House Music Studio at APA! We offer instruction to students who range in level from beginner to intermediate! Discover instruments like: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass & Ukulele