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Piano Lessons in Airdrie

Welcome to the APA Piano Community!

Joining our piano lessons is a decision that opens the door to a world of musical possibilities and experiences! Our dedicated team of accomplished instructors is committed to helping each student grow into their musical journey regardless of age or skill level. Whether you are a complete beginner eager to learn the basics, or an advanced pianist seeking to refine your artistry, our comprehensive and personal approach is designed to ensure that you receive the guidance and support you need to flourish!

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What Does The Syllabus Look Like?

Great question! We tailor each lesson to suit our students! We use Piano Adventures, The Royal Conservatory of Music, and even bring in Popular Music of today to make lessons a fun exploration of the instrument! We ask that students have the books discussed within their first lesson on hand at home to be able to practice their instrument before bringing them back to class the next week to show off their work! 

These books include the following:

Piano Lessons

Flexible Programs

Do I need to have an instrument at home?

Another great question! A Piano or Keyboard at home is essential for musical growth, but rest assured that our team will be happy to walk you through what instrument would be suitable for your student if you have questions! We know that there are many options and we want to help you find what best meets your needs!

At our studio, we believe in fostering a love for music that lasts a lifetime. Our vibrant lessons not only teach the techniques of piano, but also a love for the art form itself. We pride ourselves on creating a warm and welcoming community where students can collaborate, share their music, and find inspiration from peers. Music should spur the imagination and we do our best to bring music that crosses different genres to help our musicians find what they truly love about the instrument! We know that music learning is a progressive skill that takes time. Here at APA,  we pride ourselves in helping students acknowledge their growth and celebrate themselves through each progression of learning! Our students have the chance to perform in recitals, community events, try exams, and even join our Music Company!

Music is a Universal Language...

Crossing boundaries of speech and giving all students a chance to express themselves in ways that they did not know were possible before. We look forward to welcoming you and cannot wait to get started!

Airdrie Piano Lessons


Piano Lessons

Ages 5 – 18
Children learn music theory, technique, and how to create music from the keys in front of them. This class is for students of all skill levels. Private piano lessons allows the student to work individually with the teacher at their own pace and learn how to have fun on the keys.

We offer many styles of music classes for kids aged 2 to adult in Airdrie including group lessons for preschoolers and group singing lessons as well as private lessons in piano, voice and guitar.

Our Preschool Music FunTime program (age 2 – 4) teaches the Fundamentals! Your child will learn to read music and the value of notes. They will be introduced to percussion instruments, as well as basic piano! This hands-on music program will teach your child to identify dozens of band and orchestra instruments by sight and sound.

Professional private and group music instruction in Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Ukelele are offered through our In House Music Studio at APA! We offer instruction to students who range in level from beginner to intermediate! Discover instruments like: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass & Ukulele