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Music Fun Time (Ages 2 to 4)

Welcome to Music Fun Time!

We are so excited to have your little one join us as we celebrate music together! 

Music Fun Time creates an opportunity for our youngest musicians to find their love for music! Whether it looks like learning to play different percussion instruments, understanding notes, or even identifying the sounds in an orchestra, this program has something for every little one.

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How does a lesson work?

 Great question! In Music Fun Time we give the chance for students to learn independence in a controlled environment that creates developmentally appropriate classes. In these unparented classes you can rest assured that students will get to experiment with instruments and create memories with new friends! This is a small group lesson and is a great stepping stone for one day getting to join the Private music program.

What will my child learn?

This is a question that we would love to answer for you!! While your student will be learning the basics of music, this class actually offers so much more! During this course students will get to create their own musical community, learn how to lead within a classroom, find their voices through song, and learn how to read staff music! Students even get to learn math and science as they develop! This program is based off of Johns-Hopkins Research where even our youngest students can indeed learn how to understand the makings of music!

Music is a Universal Language...

We love to celebrate students in music lessons that are developmentally appropriate, creative based, and filled with a culture of growing. Our team of professionals believe in the community of this program and are here to help your student every step of the way! We help students who are involved in our program get the chance to go on stage in our annual recitals! This is a great way for our littlest musicians to try being on the big stage and stand under the lights with confidence!

At APA, we believe in fostering a love for music that lasts a lifetime no matter what age students begin! We look forward to welcoming you in our doors as we walk the universal language of music together!

Airdrie Music Fun Time Classes


Music Fun Time

Age 2
In this unparented first music class, your child will be introduced to many different instruments. Using age appropriate resources, hands-on learning will be filled with fun and musical development!

Music Fun Time

Ages 3 to 4
This unparented hands-on music program will teach your child to identify dozens of band and orchestra instruments by sight and sound. Instruments include rhythm sticks, triangle, wood tone block and kazoo! Parents love seeing their child’s math skills soar while developing their love for music!

We offer many styles of music classes for kids aged 2 to adult in Airdrie including group lessons for preschoolers and group singing lessons as well as private lessons in piano, voice and guitar.

Our Preschool Music FunTime program (age 2 – 4) teaches the Fundamentals! Your child will learn to read music and the value of notes. They will be introduced to percussion instruments, as well as basic piano! This hands-on music program will teach your child to identify dozens of band and orchestra instruments by sight and sound.

Professional private and group music instruction in Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Ukelele are offered through our In House Music Studio at APA! We offer instruction to students who range in level from beginner to intermediate! Discover instruments like: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass & Ukulele