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Private Guitar Lessons in Airdrie

Welcome to the APA Guitar Community!

Discover the wonderful world of music through the strings of a guitar! Whether you’re an absolute beginner looking to pick up a guitar for the first time, or a seasoned guitarist seeking to bring your skills to new levels, our guitar program offers an immersive experience for students of all ages and levels. Our dedicated team of instructors are passionate about helping your student to grow through music igniting a lifelong love for the instrument. From learning the fundamentals all the way to the mastering of skills, our curriculum is designed to empower students with the confidence to play songs of every era… even their own melodies!

Airdrie Youth Guitar Lessons

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What Does The Syllabus Look Like?

Great question! We use a mix of Hal Leonard, Royal Conservatory of Music, and even popular music that the students can try! We ask that students have their own books and instruments to practice from home! 

The syllabus includes the following:

Airdrie Youth Guitar Lessons

Flexible Programs

How Do I choose an instrument?

We have a wonderful team of instructors who would love to guide you on purchasing your instrument! Whether it is your first time buying a guitar or you are an experienced guitarist looking to upgrade, our instructors have your back! We understand that there are many options, so at APA we cater to your student’s individual needs to find the right pathway.

Here at APA we pride ourselves in creating a safe and supportive community where students can grow into great human beings! Through our programming, students will have the chance to perform in recitals, community events, and even join our Music Company! Our music lessons are tailored to suit individual learning styles and ensure that each student gets to progress at a safe pace for themselves. As you grow into this journey with us, your student will not only develop great guitar skills, but also a sense of responsibility, commitment, confidence, and so much more!

A Universal Language...

Empowering our children through the arts today is the key to sculpting a brighter, more compassionate tomorrow. When we invest in their creative growth, we’re sowing the seeds of innovation, empathy, and understanding. Through dance, music, and drama, they learn to listen, to feel, and to express their unique voices. These young artists will go on to craft a world where imagination thrives, harmony prevails, and creativity is the driving force behind a better future for all.

Airdrie Guitar Lessons


Private Guitar Lessons

Ages 5 – 18+ (Adults)
Through technical exercises you will learn correct posture, note reading, aural skills, picking techniques, rhythmic patterns, chord study, finger-picking styles, musical forms and get improvisation and performing experiences!

We offer many styles of music classes for kids aged 2 to adult in Airdrie including group lessons for preschoolers and group singing lessons as well as private lessons in piano, voice and guitar.

Professional private and group music instruction in Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Ukelele are offered through our In House Music Studio at APA! We offer instruction to students who range in level from beginner to intermediate! Discover instruments like: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass & Ukulele

Guitar lessons
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