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Guitar Lessons Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it realistically take to learn to play guitar?

Fantastic question!! Like all instruments in music there is no definitive timeline for learning the instrument. Everyone has a different goal and will grow at their own pace as they walk through the instrument. Our instructors work hard to make the learning fun and filled with experiences as students progress through lessons! 

Can Adults Still Learn to Play Guitar?

Absolutely! The guitar is considered one of the more beginner friendly instruments and can be learned at any age. Keeping in mind that Ambition Performing Arts does not offer guitar lessons to adults, we certainly encourage everyone to learn to play guitar, if the guitar is calling to them! It’s never too late to chase a dream. 

What Are The First Things You Teach in Guitar Lessons?

In a guitar lesson, the basics are always the first steps! One of the very first things you will learn when taking lessons are the parts of the guitar and the string names. You will also learn basic strumming practices and how to properly hold your guitar. You will learn how to tune the guitar and strum proper chords as you discover new songs to play!

What is the Easiest Age to Learn How to Play the Guitar?

Guitar can be learned at any age! The universal consensus is that once students are old enough to hold a guitar on their own and focus for 10 minute windows then they are ready to start. This generally means that anyone over 5 years old is ready to try! If they are not ready to hold a guitar, students can always try Ukulele first!

What Style of Guitar is Best to Learn On?

The acoustic guitar is generally the first go-to when learning how to play, because it is easier to learn and to play than an electric or bass guitar. Yamaha guitars and Squier guitars are considered some of the very best brands of acoustic guitar to begin on. 

How Many Hours Should I Dedicate to Practicing Guitar?

As with learning any skill, being consistent and dedicated are the key to becoming a good guitar player. You should try to practice at least a small amount each day, if able. If you plan on practicing for longer spans of time during the day than 20 minutes, it is good to set dedicated break times. The time you spend practicing will also depend on your long-term goals, and whether you are simply learning for fun, or to go further with your guitar playing. 

What Are the Parts of the Guitar Called?

There are many parts to the guitar to learn when starting guitar lessons. Some of these include the Rosette, the saddle, the cutaway and the fret wires. The length of the top of the guitar to the bridge pins is called the scale. These are all things that we work on when teaching our guitar lesson students.

We are so excited to offer Guitar Lessons at APA and that we could share some information with you! 

Sharing the gift of music is always your instructor’s goal and we truly love it!

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