Music – October Newsletter 2017



A Note from Miss Shelby:
Hard to believe that we’re heading into October already! We’re very excited for this month at the studio; now that most students have had a chance to settle into their routines, the real work (and fun!) can begin.

This month we will be sending home invitations to participate in both Royal Conservatory of Music exams and the Calgary Performing Arts Festival. If you are interested in these opportunities for your student, or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself or Miss Jillian.

October at APA:

  • October 7th-9th for The studio will be closed for Thanksgiving
  • October 16th-October 19th: Invitations for participation in Royal Conservatory of Music exams and the Calgary Performing Arts Festival will be going home.
  • October 24th-October 30th: Wear your Halloween costumes to class!
  • October 31st The Studio will be closed for Halloween

October Practice Tip:

Finding time to practice can be difficult! One way to make it easier is to establish practicing as part of your student’s weekly routine. Have a conversation with your student and decide on a regular time that works for your family on a weekly basis. You might have to remind your student for the first few weeks that it’s time to practice, but once they get into the habit it will simply be part of their routine.