Music – November Newsletter 2017



A Note from Miss Shelby and Miss Jillian:

October was an exciting month at the studio and we are so pleased with how hard our music students have been working!

We created a special ‘Practice Tracking Board’ to hang up in the studio that students get to put a sticker on everytime they hand in a practice sheet – so far it seems to be working and quite a few students already have some stickers up!

We also sent out invitations to do RCM exams and/or the Calgary Performing Arts Festival last month, so just a friendly reminder that if your student wants to participate, the bottom portion of their invitation needs to be returned to the office by November 15th, 2017.

Finally, we want to extend a friendly reminder to please let the office or your teacher know if you are going to be missing your lesson.


November at the Studio:

The studio will be closed on Saturday, November 11th for Remembrance Day.

Miss Jillian’s lessons have been cancelled on Monday, November 13th. You will have received an email to reschedule so please contact Miss Jillian if you have any questions or concerns!

RCM Exam and CPAF Registrations are due November 15th.

November Practice Tip:

Switch it up! There is no doubt that practicing can be a chore so in order to keep things interesting, encourage your student to switch things up once in a while! For example, they might focus on their scales or theory for one session, and then work on their songs for the next. This can also be a great tool for those days when your student doesn’t have much time to practice!