Music – March Newsletter 2018



A Note From Miss Kayla and Miss Jillian

Happy March! Spring is so close, we can’t wait for the warm weather! Our recital is also growing closer, and we are already working hard on our performing pieces! We encourage you to practice performing for your friends and family, and by the time Recital rolls around, you’ll be a pro!

During the month of March, we are going to be concentrating on musical intention. This means telling a story with your music. Think about the pieces you are playing or singing, and think about how you want the audience to feel. What can you do to tell a story with your music? Perhaps it’s adding in some movement to your song, or really using dynamics (quiet and loud). We will be talking about it in class, so please share your ideas with your teacher!

This month we are also holding in-class parent-teacher meetings. During the week of March 12, please feel free to come in to your child’s first 10 minutes of class so we can meet, talk about this past year, and the exciting new program additions for next year! Please don’t hesitate to contact your teacher if you have any questions!

This Month at the Studio

March 12-16- In Class Parent-Teacher Interviews
March 30- April 5- STUDIO CLOSED (Spring Break)

Musical Fun Fact

The word “music” comes from The Muses, who were the goddesses of the arts in Greek Mythology. You can see them singing in the Disney movie Hercules!