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How Does Letting Go Help My Child?

How does Letting Go Help my Child?


I have heard that I can’t stay while my child is in classes, is that true? That is a very good question. And it now has 2 parts to the answer. 



Over the last 21 years we have taught thousands of students and what we have learned is that they do their best when they are able to stand on their own. If you are there holding their hands or wiping their tears they don’t ever get the opportunity to find out how strong they are, how independent they can be. It doesn’t give them the chance to grow. 

This is where the magic is, letting them earn their confidence! 


We ask parents to trust our staff. Understand that we also want what is best for your child. Sometimes as new parents taking our children to new, first time activities, we don’t realize we have our own energy we bring with us. We have hopes and dreams for our children. We want them to make friends, gain new skills, have fun learning and find something they can be passionate about. 

Our staff want those same things for your child too! We are your partner in making it happen. 

It Takes a Village 

One of our mottos is “It takes a village to raise a child”. When you show that you trust us, by leaving your child during that class, your child begins to trust us. They know that mom or dad or grandma, trust and so they learn to as well. That gives your child the permission they need to joyfully say “see you soon” and go enjoy their class to its fullest. 

We promise they will come home with so much to share with you! 

What I can tell you is that the children in our village are true champions! They have stepped up their self-confidence. They are so proud of their skills to come to class and say goodbye at the front door. With our tech-enabled studios, while parents can’t be inside the classroom, they are able to get a bird’s eye view of the classroom in the lobby  and rewatch lessons online through our DisDance portal. 

Everyone is winning when we let our children grow in confidence, how great is that? 

So in letting go, you are allowing your child the opportunity to grow in leaps and bounds. It’s not that we don’t want you to stay, it’s just that we know your child needs to be able to spread their wings and fly on their own. We guarantee you will love the results.

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