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Ages 10 to 18 Years Old

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We offer many styles of dance, music & drama classes for kids ages 10 to 18 in Airdrie.

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Acro Dancing

Ages 5 - 18
With the guidance of Acrobatic Arts syllabus, Acro classes offer Dancers the chance to hone their strength and flexibility. Beginning with Acro fundamentals such as somersaults and cartwheels, Dancers safely build the skills they need to achieve more complex movements, such as elbow stands, walkovers, and side aerials.


Ages 5 – 18
In this structured dance class children are introduced to slow, graceful dance steps, and will be encouraged to express their emotions through movement. Performers enrolled in Ballet dance classes will develop strength, flexibility, balance and agility by mastering age appropriate Ballet technique, and exploring improvisation and creative movement. Taught with classical music and French terminology, Ballet is known as the building block for all styles of dance!

Tap Dancing

Ages 5 – 18
Tap dance classes are a vibrant and engaging way for children to explore the world of rhythm and movement. Our classes, guided by the comprehensive Al Gilbert and Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers Syllabus, provide a solid foundation in tap technique, while also encouraging creativity and self-expression. Students learn to use their feet like drums, creating rhythmic patterns and beats, which aids in developing musicality and timing. The fun and energetic atmosphere in our tap dance classes make them ideal for children who love to move and make noise. With a focus on both individual skill and group coordination, our tap dance program is perfect for young dancers looking to challenge themselves in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Dance Theatre

Ages 5 – 18
Singing, dancing, and acting all take centre stage in our Dance Theatre classes. Watch your child build their confidence as a “Triple Threat” performer by honing their musical abilities and combining them with theatrical movement in this combination dance class! Performers will get to act, sing, dance and expand their imaginations through guided exercises and improvisation. This all leads into a year end performance of a full Musical Theatre production!

Boys Only Hip Hop

Ages 5 – 18
Our boys-only hip-hop dance class is a cool and energetic class where guys can learn and groove to hip-hop music together. In this class, you'll get to pick up awesome dance moves – things like breaking, locking, and popping. It's a chance for boys to express themselves through dance, matching their steps to the beats in a fun and supportive environment. The focus is on learning cool routines, freestyling, and just enjoying the music while building confidence and having a blast with friends who share a common interest. So, if you're into moving to the rhythm and having a good time, this boys-only hip-hop class is the place to be!

Piano Lessons

Ages 5 – 18
Children learn music theory, technique, and how to create music from the keys in front of them. This class is for students of all skill levels. Private piano lessons allows the student to work individually with the teacher at their own pace and learn how to have fun on the keys.


Ages 5 – 18
Designed to improve vocal skill, strength, expression, and musicality, Voice classes introduce a variety of age and skill-appropriate repertoire selections and exercises. Musical genres studied will be chosen to grow the student’s confidence and may include classical, musical theatre, or contemporary. Voice classes are taught on an individual basis so material can be tailored to each student’s abilities and interests.

Guitar Private Lessons

Ages 5 – 18
Through technical exercises you will learn correct posture, note reading, aural skills, picking techniques, rhythmic patterns, chord study, finger-picking styles, musical forms and get improvisation and performing experiences!

Bass Guitar Private Lessons

Ages 5 – 18
The bass guitar possesses a unique power to anchor and elevate any musical composition. At our studio, we celebrate the versatility and richness of the bass, offering comprehensive lessons that delve into technique, theory, and the expressive nuances that make this instrument truly exceptional.

Ukulele Private Lessons

Ages 5 – 18
Through technical exercises you will learn correct posture, note reading, aural skills, picking techniques, rhythmic patterns, chord study, finger-picking styles, musical forms and get improvisation and performing experiences!

Hip Hop

Ages 5 – 18
This high-energy class offers Dancers a way to explore age-appropriate urban movements set to popular music. Body isolations, quick footwork, and syncopated rhythms are emphasized. Hip-hop dancers often freestyle, moving to the beat of the music with creative and energetic steps.Whether it's the dynamic footwork of breaking or the rhythmic isolations of popping, hip-hop dance is all about individual style, creativity, and having fun on the dance floor.


Ages 7 to 18
This class has prerequisites required and is teacher recommended.
Ballet and Jazz come together as one in this class, which helps Dancers enhance their technique and improve their personal style and self-expression. Using the storytelling of a song's lyrics and the dynamics of music, Dancers find that their performance quality improves greatly over time.

Discover Drama

Ages 8 - 10
AJTC aims to encourage youth to discover their inner artists, through an inclusive and dynamic classroom experience. We believe life lessons can be taught through the creation of physically and mentally healthy performers with a focus on thoughtful training and mentorship.

Future Features

Ages 11 - 13
Future Features is a class for the artist with a blossoming passion! We will look deep into the text of plays to unlock full dramatic potential. Interpersonal skills will be strengthened and students will begin to understand more of who they are in order to bring that into performance!


Ages 14 and UP
In our Headliners class, we will focus full depth on self-discovery, building confidence, and expression – while learning trust and commitment. Students will delve into understanding how who we are affects us and those around us, incorporating these new discoveries into performance and everyday life!

Jazz Dance

Ages 10 – 18
Imagine learning steps that are both graceful and snappy, set to lively music that makes you want to move. If you're into having fun, moving to awesome tunes, and adding a touch of style to your dance, a jazz class is where it's at! Jazz dance is not just about technique; it's also about feeling the music and letting your personality shine on the dance floor. It's a great way to have fun, stay active, and become a smooth dancer! With an influence of both tradition and trends, our Jazz classes incorporate the latest styles, offering our Dancers a well-rounded experience using Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers syllabus. Technique and self-expression grow step by step as the Dancers groove through each class to upbeat music.


We offer many styles of dance, music & drama classes for kids ages 1 to 18 in Airdrie.

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