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APA Registration F.A.Q.

When do classes start?
Our first day of classes is Saturday, September 7th, 2019!

What is a Membership Fee?
APA’s Annual Membership Fee is enables your Child to participate in weekly classes at APA. It also allows Students, their Parents, and other Family Members to take advantage of special privileges and ‘Members Only’ events! There are three different levels of Membership - one for everyone! Check out our Annual Membership Card for more details!

Why is my Monthly Tuition the same every month, even though some months have more classes than others?
Our Tuition is based on a 30 class season, taking into account holidays, long weekends, closures for enrichment opportunities or Studio events, and inclement weather. For Families who choose to make monthly payments, we average tuition costs of these 30 classes over the entire season and divide it into 10 equal monthly payments. In doing so, we avoid changing your monthly payment amount each month, making payments much easier for you!

Do you have a referral program?
We sure do!!! If you love what we’re doing, and refer another family to us, we will give each of you a $50 credit - it’s that simple!

Other than Monthly Tuition, what other costs can I expect this year?

  • Dress Code - All Dancers have required dress code for classes. There is NO set dress code for Music or Theatre students.
  • Recital Costume Fee - All Dancers and Theatre students are required to purchase a recital costume. There is NO Recital Costume Fee for Music Students.
  • Photos - Photos are an optional purchase for all Dancers, Music Students, and Theatre Students. Most Families enjoy having this keepsake!
  • Recital Tickets - Recital tickets are an optional purchase for all Dancers, Music Students, and Theatre Students. You may choose how many tickets to the Year End show you wish to purchase.
  • Additional Programming - There are always additional programming opportunities for all of our Performing Arts Students. If you are looking for an extra challenge or bigger commitment, contact us for information on all of our exciting programs!

Why do Dancers need Dress Code? / Where do I buy Dress Code?
Dancers need Dress Code for safety; dancing in Dress Code ensures that there are no extraneous clothing items or jewelry that can become hazardous. The Dress Code also helps Teachers see that Students are using the right muscles and alignment in order to learn the correct movements in class, while also helping to create a team atmosphere that is both practical, and modest. All Dress Code items can be bought at our In-House APA Boutique, unless otherwise specified on our Dress Code Handout. If, for some reason, we aren’t carrying your size or there is something we are unable to help you with, we can provide you with a list of dancewear retailers that we trust and recommend!

What is the Recital Costume Fee for?
All Dancers and Theatre students are required to purchase a Recital Costume. Recital Costumes are different from Dress Code, in that they are made from fancier fabrics and are often embellished, so they can capture the light of the stage and put a spark in your Child’s performance! Each Recital Costume will be handed to you recital-ready; steamed, on a hanger, in a garment bag!

Can I add another class to my child’s schedule?
Absolutely!!! Dancers may add additional classes to their schedule until our Registration cut-off date at the end of February. Dancers must meet the age or skill requirement for the class they want to add, and there must still be space available for them in the class. Thinking about adding a class, but not quite sure if your Child will love it? We ALWAYS have FREE TRIALS! Contact the office to book yours!

Do your Classes have prerequisites?

  • Academy Dance Classes - Dancers must meet the age requirement for each level. Our age cut off for all classes is October 31st.
  • Accelerated Dance Classes - Dancers must meet the skill prerequisites for each level. Please speak with a Director for placement.
  • Music Lessons - No Prerequisites.
  • Theatre Program - No Prerequisites.

What happens if my Child is sick and misses a class? What happens if the Studio cancels class?
Missed Classes: We know that sometimes your Child is sick, or misses class for another reason. If this happens, we are more than happy to schedule a Makeup Class for your Child! (*Please know that while we try to accommodate all Makeup Class requests, there may not be another class that is appropriate for your Child to attend for a makeup lesson.)
Class Cancellations: Occasionally, we have to cancel classes due to inclement weather, holidays / long weekends, or for another studio event. The good new is, we’ve planned ahead! We promise a Performing Arts season of at least 30 classes, but we schedule between 32 and 34 classes in a season to account for any cancellations that come up throughout the year. This means you never have to worry about adding something to your schedule!

Where can I find information on...

  • Studio Events, Closures, etc.: All Studio communications for events and closures will be emailed, posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and will be available in our newsletter. For the quickest up-to-date information, make sure you have subscribed to our email services and are following us on social media!
  • Recital: Recital information is released during Parent Viewing Week in January. Stay tuned for our fun theme release!
  • Registration for Next Season: Families who have purchased Growth or Premium Memberships will be auto-enrolled for classes for our next season; Families who have purchased Starter Memberships will have priority registration in March. Our Registration opens up to the public in April.

How can I contact my Child’s Teacher?
We encourage you to chat with your Child’s Teacher throughout the year, to keep yourself informed on their progress and get information about upcoming events and special opportunities for your Child. You can reach all of the APA Staff via email:

Miss Tara:
Miss Adrianne:
Miss Andie:
Miss Rachel:
Miss Rae-Lee:
Miss Tiffany:
Miss Hannah:
Miss Julie (Music):
You can also reach us in the office by phone: 403-648-5287

What if my Child doesn’t like their class(es)?
Our studio must be advised of withdrawals or cancellations in writing on an APA Withdrawal Form 30 days in advance of the date of withdrawal. Payments that fall during the 30 period must be remitted. Part months and missed classes will not be refunded. There will be no cancellations accepted from March 1st through to June 30th due to show preparations.
Costumes: After November 1st of the current season, your costume charge is non-refundable. We will email you when your costume is ready to be picked up. Any costumes not picked up by June of the current season will be donated.

WAIT... You have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee?!
We sure do! If after 60 days you are not satisfied with your dance, music, or theatre lessons for any reason, we will refund your tuition. We believe so strongly in our programming that if you give us 60 days to work our magic, we know your child will love the Performing Arts as much as we do. It’s that simple!


If after 60 days you are not satisfied with your dance, drama or music lessons for any reason we will refund your tuition. We believe so strongly in our programming that if you give us 60 days to work our magic, your child will love the performing arts as much as we do. It’s that simple.



  • This was our first year at APA, and it has been a wonderful experience for our daughter. Between the excellence and caring shown by the staff, and the friendliness of other students, this has been the best dance year yet!
    Brenda Frank Brenda Frank
  • We love APA. It's an amazing dance academy and I would highly recommend to everyone to come and join. It has been an amazing experience for my girls, and they have learned so much from the amazing instructors, we wouldn't go anywhere else!
    Victoria Mawby Victoria Mawby
  • Amazing! The dance academy staff is outstanding, the parents are so welcoming and supportive, and my daughter is thriving off her experiences. She made a comment to me just the other day that sums up Apa: "Mommy, I finally fit in." I am so thankful I found APA.
    Stephanie Senger Stephanie Senger
  • I love Ambition Arts for many reasons. They really show how much they care about their students by taking the time to acknowledge improvements and hard work. I praise APA staff. They are the main reason my daughter loves dance!
    Rebecca Phair Rebecca Phair
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