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Ages 5 – 18

Children learn music theory, technique, and how to create music from the keys in front of them. This class is for students of all skill levels. Private piano lessons allows the student to work individually with the teacher at their own pace and learn how to have fun on the keys.

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Ages 11 and UP

In our Headliners class, we will focus full depth on self-discovery, building confidence, and expression – while learning trust and commitment. Students will delve into understanding how who we are affects us and those around us, incorporating these new discoveries into performance and everyday life!

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Ages 5 – 18

Students will use the creative process to learn the joy and importance of storytelling! They will recognize more of the world around them in performance and use that to make connections. The discovery phase in drama is ongoing and always exciting!

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Ages 5 – 18

Designed to improve vocal skill, strength, expression, and musicality, Voice classes introduce a variety of age and skill-appropriate repertoire selections and exercises. Musical genres studied will be chosen to grow the student’s confidence and may include classical, musical theatre, or contemporary. Voice classes are taught on an individual basis so material can be tailored to each student’s abilities and interests.

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