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Accelerated Training Program and Dance Company in Airdrie

Accelerated Training and Dance Company


Dancers enrolled in our Accelerated Training Program (ATP) classes are committing to being withheld to a higher expectation; ATP Dancers are expected to have excellent attendance, etiquette, work ethic, and at-home practice habits. ATP Dancers will build a stronger technical foundation in graded technique classes and will work to develop artistry and performance skills.  ATP Dancers are eligible for our Dance Company and Travel Team!

To be eligible for ATP classes, Dancers and their families must show interest, and meet the prerequisite skill level for the class. Some ATP classes may require attendance 2x per week; please connect with our Director of Operations (Miss Adrianne; for exact class participation requirements and placements.


Our Dance Company program is for Dancers who love to perform, and are ready to take their Dance Training to the next level. The company experience goes well beyond skill development, requiring dancers to become more disciplined, self-motivated, and resilient.

Girls in pink dresses dancing on stage