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Ages 1 and 2 Years Old


We offer dance and creative movement classes for ages 1 to 2 in Airdrie

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Big Shoes Little Feet

This dance class is designed for those ready to start learning... with a caregiver! Our curriculum incorporates creative movement, fun learning songs, and energetic games and activities which will kick-start your little movers' success! We focus on fostering the early development of your child through play, exploration, and shared experiences. This class is a fantastic opportunity for both parents and children to bond, learn, and create lasting memories together.Sessional programs run 4 times throughout the season and are offered to performers ages 1-2 years

Me Tu

MeTu is a delightful and enchanting dance class designed specifically for our tiniest dancers aged 2 years old! By utilizing an inclusive curriculum, your little one will embark on a whimsical exploration of self-expression and coordination through the enchanting world of dance and music. This progressional class will incorporate ballet and music technique into basic body moves, fun dance steps, and movement-focused games, which will kick-start your little mover’s success and will help them work towards learning in class independent of their caregivers!

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Tiny Tunes

In this music class your child will embark on a delightful musical journey, nurturing their innate sense of rhythm, melody, and creativity. Our experienced instructors understand the unique needs of toddlers and will encourage their natural curiosity while fostering musical growth. Through rhythmic play, sensory exploration, sing-alongs, and instrument discovery your child will experience a nurturing environment where they can freely explore the wide world of music!

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Smiling little girl with her hand under her chin
Teen age dancers standing at the barre with pointed toe
Young dancer smiling in a character skirt
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