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APA Blog – What Is More Than Just Great Dancing?

What is More Than Just Great Dancing?
The More Than Just Great Dancing logo can be found just about everywhere at APA!  Did you know that MTJGD is an exclusive, licensed affiliation of dance studios?  APA was accepted as a member in July of 2014.  There are other member studios in Canada, as well as members in the U.S. and even a few in faraway places such as Aruba and Dubai. Being a More Than Just Great Dancing studio means that APA subscribes to a higher standard of dance programming, staff development, and management principles.  In other words, we want to do everything in our power to serve YOU our very best effort!   APA’s mission to offer a safe, innovative, and enriching dance education aligns perfectly with MTJGD’s mission to be “more” in the dance industry and introduce dance studio best practices.  We are proud to develop friendships and community here at APA, and to put family first — all things that demonstrate that we wholeheartedly believe in More Than Just Great Dancing!  
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