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APA Blog – What is Ypad?

What Is YPAD?

By now you’ve probably heard that APA is the first Canadian dance studio to become certified by YPAD (Youth Protection Advocates in Dance).  It is a distinction we are incredibly proud of!  But as a parent you might be wondering, what does that mean for me and my child?  This is an excellent question, and the answer is twofold:    
  • Your dancer is always in the care of skilled and knowledgeable adults
  As you know, APA is devoted to hiring staff members who can serve as positive role models for our students.  Being YPAD certified also means that APA staff are:
      • Background-checked and CPR certified
      • Trained in physical safety measures and injury prevention
      • Trained in the study of a dancer’s emotional and psychological health
      • Committed to safe social media practices
  • Your dancer will always have age-appropriate music, movement, and costumes
  YPAD certification reinforces our commitment to ensure that every dancer in every class has music, movement, and costuming that is fun AND family-friendly.  Although these things have always been a priority at APA, we are pleased to now have YPAD’s stamp of approval, as well as access to their library of tools and resources. As an industry leader, APA is proudly demonstrating just how important it is to have dance classrooms that are happy, healthy, and safe.  We invite you to learn more about YPAD by visiting their website: or by chatting with Miss Tara in the hallway next time you see her!  
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