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APA Blog – Understanding Class Placements

Understanding Class Placements

Every year, APA sends out class placement recommendations in March for pre-registration of the next dance season.  To help you better understand your child’s class placement, we want to help you make sense of all the dance lingo and make the pre-registration process as easy as possible! Class placements are intended to be your guide to the classes best suited for your child, according to his or her teacher.  Sometimes a teacher might recommend a new style of dance, a new level, or a unique opportunity, such as a Performing Group. This is an excellent time to talk with your child about his or her favourite classes, or find out if there is a new dance style they’ve been itching to try. You are not obligated to follow through on class recommendations right away; however, pre-registration does offer you priority when it comes to signing up for next season’s classes.  Because we have many families who take advantage of pre-registration, sometimes classes do become full early on. Remember that class placements are not made lightly.  Our teachers at APA spend hours upon hours reflecting on their students’ report cards and overall progress in order to make the most constructive and favourable decisions.  Your goal and our goal are the same—we want your child to thrive! We only recommend classes that will set your child up for success. If you ever feel unsure about which classes to register your child for, or if there is something you don’t quite understand about your child’s placement, please ask.  We are always willing to help you through the class selection or pre-registration process!
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