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APA Blog – Why are there no trophies displayed at APA?

Why are there no trophies displayed at APA?
You may have noticed that APA’s lobby looks a bit different from other dance studios, since we do not have any competition trophies on display.  It’s not that we don’t win trophies, or that we aren’t proud of our dancers for earning them; it’s that we want to emphasize our value in the whole dancer—not just the accomplishments of one competition day. By not displaying the trophies, Miss Tara can ensure that APA’s key message is loud and clear: We love and celebrate ALL of our dancers, regardless of their skill level or ability.  Whether they dance for thirty minutes a week or thirteen hours, we praise every dancer’s effort and encourage them to be proud of themselves. APA staff members know that a child’s value and worth is in their character, work ethic, and kindness to others—not in their talents, skills, or popularity.  Dance is for everybody and every BODY.  We’re here to lift up our students and empower them to be their best selves.  There’s no trophy in the world that can do that!
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