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APA Blog – How does letting go help my child?

How does letting go help my child?
At APA, one of the most frequently asked questions from parents of our young dancers is, “I’ve heard that I cannot stay in the classroom with my child—is that true?” The answer is yes, it’s true, and for reasons we hope you’ll see are very beneficial for your child! Over the past 15 years at APA, we have taught thousands of students and learned that children—even the very young ones—do their best when they are allowed to stand on their own.  When mom or dad is there to hold their hand or wipe their tears, children are comforted in the moment but lack the opportunity to build independence.  Growth comes from those moments of insecurity or shyness, because children quickly overcome them by themselves—or with a little guidance from their teacher.  They discover how fun dance class is and want to join in!  We find that when parents let go, their children soar. We ask you to trust our expertise in the dance classroom and understand that we want the best for you child, just as you do.  With your trust in place, your child will build trust with us too.   So while the answer is yes, it’s true that parents don’t stay in the room with their children during dance class, the bigger picture also shows us that children thrive because of this independence.  They realize how strong they are, and how capable!  Each child is able to spread their wings and fly.
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