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APA Blog – How to get the most out of Parent/Teacher Interviews

How to get the most out of Parent/Teacher Interviews  
Parent/teacher interviews are being scheduled and will take place soon, we encourage you to sign up for a time slot.  We look forward to this point in the year when we have the chance to personally interact with our students’ parents. Once your parent/teacher interview time is on the calendar you might be wondering, “How can I make the most out of this time with my child’s dance teacher?”  Here are few tips for having a successful parent/teacher interview at APA:  
  • Arrive early
  In order to be respectful of everyone’s time, parent/teacher interviews are conducted on a strict timetable.  We recommend arriving five minutes early, which helps us keep the day running smoothly for all involved.  
  • Bring your child’s report card
  Having your child’s report card handy will be an excellent reference point during your conference.  You may have a question about one of the skills, or perhaps you want to ask the teacher about one of the comments.    
  • Have your questions ready
  We recommend preparing a short list of questions prior to your interview.  Knowing in advance what you hope to gain from the discussion will help keep the conversation on track with your expectations.  
  • Plan to take notes
  It’s easy to think you’ll remember everything you talked about with your child’s teacher, but taking notes is a much safer bet!  Although it is a short amount of time, you may be surprised at how much you are able to discuss. Having this opportunity to connect with you means a lot to all of us at APA, and we appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day for your parent/teacher interview.  We thank you for choosing APA for your child’s dance education!
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