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APA Blog – Why Dance?

Why Dance?

It’s really a loaded question, but an awesome one. Dance is a great activity to help your child be able to work as a team, make friends and at the same time they learn how to understand structure. I think that the biggest tool that dance teaches your child is to step outside of their comfort zone and do something that pushes them towards greatness. Just imagine a 3-year-old who can dance on stage in front of a large audience is going to be able to grow up and be confident as a 30-year-old that can stand in front of a boardroom, or a classroom or any type of business situation and hold themselves with a level of confidence that not a lot of other activities can provide. So, when I get asked the question of ‘Why dance?’, I say ‘Why not?’ Dance is a great opportunity for you to invest in your child, and it’s an investment that gives you a great return. If you had to think of an activity that would make your child not just a better kid, but an awesome adult, dance is the number one thing that comes to my mind.
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