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APA BLOG – How do I care for my child’s costume?

How do I care for my child’s costume?
There’s nothing else quite like a dance costume—it carries the excitement of performances yet to come, and of course, there are all those sparkles!  For many children, wearing a costume brings out the confidence and poise they’ve been working so hard on in class, and it is one of their most favorite parts about dancing on stage.  Taking good care of a dance costume is key to keeping it in tip-top shape for such an important task. Because dance costumes are made from specialty fabrics, they can’t be treated like regular clothes.  From stretchy lycra-blended leotards to the embellishments of sequins and beading, costumes are made from finicky materials that require a little extra attention.  Taking care of your child’s costume is simple if you keep these three guidelines in mind:
  • Always store a costume on its plastic hanger (inside the garment bag) unless otherwise specified by your child’s teacher.
  • Make sure your child doesn’t eat or drink while wearing a costume.  This helps prevent irreversible damage that can be caused by the dyes and enzymes in food and drink.
  • If possible, do not wash your child’s costume.  Most costume fabrics do not wash well! If you must wash or spot-clean a costume, use cold water and wash it by hand with a gentle detergent.  Never use bleach because it will damage the fabric’s dye and elasticity. Hang the costume to dry (never put it in the dryer).
We also recommend that you remind your child not to wear their costume at home before the performances.  While it may be tempting to dance around the living room in all that tulle, there is also the risk that the costume will catch on something and rip, or that food or drink could accidentally spill on it.  Save the dress-up until after all of the performances are complete! If you ever have a question about the best way to store or care for a specific dance costume, don’t hesitate to ask your child’s teacher or Miss Tara.  We are always happy to help!  
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