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APA BLOG – Why is the APA lobby so busy during my child’s class?

Why is the APA lobby so busy during my child’s class?
You may have noticed that APA’s lobby can get super-busy at times.  It happens often during weekday evenings and Saturday mornings when our most popular classes take place.  We realize that a bustling lobby can be a challenge, so thank you for your patience with us (and with each other) when things get busy!   Our lobby is small because during the construction of APA, Miss Tara made the decision to maximize all of our classroom spaces to create the best learning environment possible.  Since the lobby is a secondary space, less square footage was allocated there. With parents investing in their children’s arts education each month, Miss Tara knew that prioritizing classroom space would be very important to ensure the best value for each student’s experience. We considered staggering class times to ease lobby congestion, but the benefits didn’t outweigh the consequences.  A majority of our dancers participate in back-to-back classes, so staggering times would have had a ripple effect of unnecessary wait times and the loss of some classes from the schedule. If you have a child who takes dance class during one of our peak times, we encourage you to take advantage of that time to yourself!  There are some parents who prefer to use that time to drop off their dry cleaning, pick up a few grocery items, or grab a cup of coffee with a friend at Tim Hortons.  We always have your phone number should the need arise for you to hurry back to APA. We appreciate your sensitivity to all of these important factors when it comes to our lobby!  We’re grateful to serve dance families who are so understanding and value dance education.
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