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APA Blog- How to accept a correction?

Getting corrections in classwhat do they mean, and how do I apply them?
You have felt it before: your teacher’s eyes are on you during the combination, and you know she’s going to comment on something you can do better.  Part of you can’t help but think, “Why is she picking on me?”   When your teacher gives you a comment in dance class—commonly known as getting a correction—it’s not meant to make you feel bad, or that you are picked on.  It’s actually quite the opposite: getting corrected is a good thing because it means your teacher sees your hard work and wants to make sure you get the step, position, quality, or musicality just right.   At dance, you want to get corrections.  Having your teacher correct you and comment to you means they are paying attention to your dancing and know you can make progress.  While teachers may not personally correct every dancer with every single exercise, they will make an effort to correct dancers whenever possible.  Sometimes you’ll find that a correction given to a classmate is also helpful to you, so it’s important to keep your ears on alert!   When given a correction, it’s important that you accept it with respect for your teacher.  That means nodding or saying thank you, and making the effort to apply the correction in the moment and anytime you encounter the same step or position again in future classes.  Your teacher will notice your hard work and will continue helping you become the best dancer you can be.
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