Ambition Performing Arts

Age Appropriate Expectations

Here at Ambition Performing Arts, we understand that kids should be kids! In an age where many children are growing up too fast, we’re pumping the brakes and saying, “It’s OK for our kids to be themselves!”  We believe arts classes offer our students a path to self-discovery, teaching them to learn about their strengths and overcome challenges. All without outside pressure to be someone they’re not.

So as an APA parent, what should you expect from this philosophy?  You should expect that …

  • Your child will be introduced to developmentally-appropriate movement and encouraged to progress at his or her own pace
  • Success will come in many forms, whether it’s triumphing over a difficult new step or experiencing the joy of performing
  • When anxieties or frustrations surface, those emotions will be welcome—working through them will lead to building resilience
  • The dress code, music selections and costuming will always positively reflect your child’s age, allowing them to appreciate their body and feel confident in their own skin

Knowing what to expect at Ambition Performing Arts is a big deal to us!  We want to be your partner in helping your child grow up to be happy and healthy, safe and strong!

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