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7 Tips for busy households

As a busy mom with kids in multiple activities, I know that it’s impossible to do it all. It’s time to challenge the idea that a mom can handle everything on her own. But with a little help and some smart planning, you can manage your busy schedule and make time for the things that matter most. 

Here are seven tips that will help you navigate the chaos of a busy household with kids in activities:

  1. Keep a Family Calendar: It’s time to ditch the idea that moms have to be the family’s personal assistant. A shared family calendar can help everyone stay on track and reduce stress. By working together as a family, you’ll be able to coordinate schedules and avoid scheduling conflicts.
  2. Use Technology to Stay Organized: Moms are often expected to be experts in everything, but there’s no shame in getting some digital help. With the help of apps like Cozi and Google Calendar, you can easily manage your family’s busy schedule and stay on top of everything.
  3. Get Everyone Involved: Moms don’t have to be the only ones responsible for managing a busy household. By involving your kids and partner in the planning process, you’ll be able to delegate tasks and responsibilities. This will not only reduce your workload, but it will also teach your kids valuable life skills.
  4. Prioritize Self-Care: Moms are often expected to be superheroes, but it’s important to remember that you’re human too. Prioritize self-care and make time for yourself. Whether it’s taking a relaxing bath or reading a book, taking care of yourself will make you a better parent and partner.
  5. Plan Ahead for Meals: Moms are often expected to be master chefs, but meal planning can help take the pressure off. Take some time on the weekends to plan out your meals for the week ahead. Consider enlisting your family’s help in meal prep and cooking.
  6. Keep Snacks Handy: Moms are often expected to be prepared for anything, but it’s impossible to anticipate every hunger pang. Keep a variety of healthy snacks on hand to fuel your family’s busy schedule. This will help prevent meltdowns and keep everyone’s energy levels up.
  7. Embrace the Chaos: Moms are often expected to keep everything under control, but life with kids can be unpredictable. Embrace the chaos and enjoy the journey. Remember that it’s okay to ask for help and that being a mom doesn’t mean you have to do it all. By letting go of unrealistic expectations, you’ll be able to enjoy the precious moments with your family.

To all the busy moms out there, I know that juggling a household with kids in activities can be tough. It’s easy to feel like you have to do it all, but the truth is, you don’t have to. By working together as a family, embracing the chaos, and prioritizing self-care, you can manage your busy schedule and create a happy and healthy home life.

Remember, being a mom is hard work, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Don’t forget to take time for yourself, ask for help when you need it, and cherish the moments with your family. You’ve got this!

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