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Imagine your child walking into a room filled with smiling faces, eager to discover their talents and make new friends. The atmosphere is buzzing with creativity, positivity, and energy. As a parent, you feel proud and reassured knowing that your child is in a safe and nurturing environment that prioritizes their growth and development.

This is what you can expect at Ambition Performing Arts. Our lessons are designed to provide a high-quality experience that not only aligns with your family values but also sparks your child’s imagination, builds their confidence, and helps them discover their potential. 

Parents are looking for quality activities that match their family values and create safe spaces for kids to grow, make friends and discover talents and dreams. Kids are looking for places where they feel seen and valued for who they are becoming.

At Ambition Performing Arts we are driven to provide quality lessons in a safe, innovative, and enriching environment while putting life skills, community, friendships, and family FIRST.

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Welcome to Ambition Performing Arts


Parents choose Ambition Performing Arts in Airdrie, Alberta Canada for quality programming in dance, music and drama, convenient location, friendly service, and welcoming atmosphere. They stay with us because of our commitment to excellence, value, culture, and customer care!

Why Performing Arts?

Performing Arts provides children with the opportunity to engage the mind, body, and emotions into collaborative expressions.
This helps children find their voice, grow in confidence, develop empathy and an ability to self-reflect, and strengthen communication skills.
Whether your child wants to dance, sing, play an instrument, or act, we can promise that by choosing Performing Arts, they will gain SO much more!

Peace of Mind Assurance – 30 Day Guarantee!

At Ambition Performing Arts, I understand the trust you place in us when you choose our classes for your child. I’ve been where you are – wanting the best for my children, ensuring they’re in a safe, nurturing environment where they can grow, learn, and have fun. That’s why I’m making a promise to you. If, after 30 days of actively attending our classes, you are not completely satisfied with the experience for any reason, I personally assure you that we will work hard to make it right. And if we can’t meet your expectations, you’ll receive your money back. This is more than a guarantee; it’s our commitment to excellence and your child’s happiness. Trust us to be the white knight in your child’s educational journey, a trusted advisor in your parenting adventure. Register for classes now and experience the Ambition difference, where every child’s potential is our passion.

Tara Pickford, Owner & Founder

Our Programs & Classes


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Dance Lessons

We offer many styles of dance classes for kids ages 1 and up in Airdrie including jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet, lyrical, dance theatre, acro and tumbling.

Ukulele Lessons Airdrie

Music Lessons

We offer many styles of music classes for kids aged 5 to adult in Airdrie including piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice and singing lessons, and music and movement.


Drama Classes

We offer many styles of dance classes for kids ages 1 and up in Airdrie including jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet, lyrical, dance theatre, acro and tumbling.

Singing Lessons Airdrie

Singing Lessons

Join us for an adventure in the human voice and all of its capabilities! Here at APA, we believe that enrolling into voice lessons is an investment into a student’s personal and musical growth.

Airdrie Dance Lessons

Dance Competition Team

Competition Team offers Dancers the opportunity to participate in additional rehearsals and community performances throughout the season.

Guitar lessons

Music Company

Our Music Company program is designed for Musicians who love to perform, and are ready to take their Music Training to the next level.


Birthday Parties

When you host your child's birthday party at Ambition Performing Arts, we'll provide a venue for their party, a complimentary dance class, and take-home goodies for you and your guests.

Camps program@2x

Summer Camps

Summer day camps in Airdrie are the perfect time to try new activities or increase your skills for activities you love. Our camps always bring fresh new themes and the opportunity to explore.

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Young dancer sitting on the floor

What our dance family says about us


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

APA is the best dance academy in Airdrie. Teachers are very nice and their service is really appreciated. As parents, we can able to watch our child’s performance from the lobby.
I am really happy that I send my little one to APA. She also enjoys very much!

Jomia Emmanuel

My daugther loved the summer bootcamp she attended this summer... She enjoyed it so much, she talked about what she learned for weeks. Now she attends the Happy Feet class and she loves thE class, her teacher and her dancemates. 🙂 We will definitely continue attending her classes this year and even extend it the next year. 

Kimberly Anne Elman

My daughter has been dancing at APA for 5 years now and has thrived so much. APA teaches so much more than just dancing, my daughter has made some amazing friendships and absolutely loves all the teachers. I recommend APA to all my friends with kids, and will continue to do so <3

Victoria Yaki

APA has been an amazing studio to go to, they care about all there students.  My daughter does multiple dance classes due to the teachers and atmosphere.  The owner and team all have hearts of gold.

Tricia Plourde

My daughter is starting her 7th year with the dance studio and she loves it.  She is treated with kindness and respect always.  They are taking extra precautions with the pandemic to make the kids feel safe.  It is a great local studio that gives back to the community.  They have made my daughter feel like a part of the dance family and it has been a great experience.

Sharon Fernandes

Ambition Performing Arts has been our 2nd home for the past 12 years.  They have taught my kids more then just dancing, they have taught them self discipline and responsibility.  They have supported our family through alot, my kids would spend all their free time here if it was possible.

Melissa Lechelt

A Universal Language...

Empowering our children through the arts today is the key to sculpting a brighter, more compassionate tomorrow. When we invest in their creative growth, we’re sowing the seeds of innovation, empathy, and understanding. Through dance, music, and drama, they learn to listen, to feel, and to express their unique voices. These young artists will go on to craft a world where imagination thrives, harmony prevails, and creativity is the driving force behind a better future for all.

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