At Ambition Performing Arts, we strive to make each and every encounter a positive and professional one!  

We are proud to offer our communities a wonderful dance studio experience through organized and helpful office staff, structured and progressive lesson plans, and our knowledgeable and caring teachers. 

Our ambition is to provide each student with exceptional training the in performing arts, while providing programs oriented around education, performance opportunities, health and awareness, life skills, friendships and positive self esteem.

Here's what some of our students and parents are saying:

"Five years ago, I registered my daughter for a Happy Feet class to help her get over her shyness and separation anxiety. This year, she has joined the competition team and continues to make amazing friendships. I am so proud to have her as part of this studio."

~ Jacqueline (Dance Mom)

"I recently moved from another studio and enrolled at APA. While I enjoyed the other place, I have never felt so good about registering my daughter in a program EVER. The studio handled my registration with professionalism and ease. They were extremely pleasant on the phone and in person. Their website is excellent and easy to use and she includes a great info booklet to take home should you visit and want information. While registering, I noticed children hugging the owner. She was so gentle with them. It was evident she had an excellent relationship with her students. When she noticed my child was anxious - she let us view a class from the doorway so we could see what to expect. As a result, my daughter is extremely excited about coming to classes in September. She asks about it every day. Thank you for making our transition so AMAZING!"

~ Katie (Dance Mom)

"Ambition Performing Arts has an incredible ballet program. My daughter has had so many opportunities that I do not think that any other studio could have provided. The teachers are the best of the best and are always there to help and give the most technical lessons that I have seen. They never give up until the student gets it right. They do it in a way that the kids respond to, willingly and excitedly. My daughters have never complained to go to dance class, they tell me to hurry up so we can get there!"

~ Jackie, mom of 7 & 9 year old

"Ambition Performing Arts is a great studio. My daughter has been dancing with them for 3 years and she loves it. She has made great friends and it has taught her about commitment, dedication and working hard. APA has great staff that are approachable and genuine. Whenever we have had an issue or concern they are respectful and not forceful in our decision making and for that I am committed to APA. They have gained my respect and trust. The staff make the classes fun and encouraging. I have appreciated the different teaching styles as each student is different as well. I would encourage anyone who wants a professional, fun and dedicated dance studio to look at Ambition Performing Arts."

~ Malena, mom of 8 year old

"Ambition Performing Arts is where I have been dancing for six years. The teachers here at A.P.A have inspired me to keep trying hard, and work towards my dream of one day becoming a teacher. They have encouraged me to be a more confident dancer both on stage for competition, and in exams. I have made many friends, and I feel at home when I enter A.P.A."

~ Vanessa, 13 year old

"Our daughter dances ballet, jazz, tap and lyrical and has been a member of the competitive team for the last two years. The APA teachers are enthusiastic and dedicated. They inspire her to work hard and challenge herself to be the best she can be. The level of support and caring that she receives is exceptional and her self-confidence and abilities have grown significantly since joining APA. We are thrilled that Rachael dances at APA."

~ Linda, mom of 10 year old

"With having four kids in different sports, I love A.P.A for their organizational skills and my fav the receptionist who always keeps me informed of any changes or info I need to know as well reminders!"

~ Kelley, mom of 2 dancers

"The thing I appreciate and respect the most about APA is how my daughter is treated as an individual andnot just another student. Each student has their own needs and desires and they are always sensitive with this. My daughter is not only developing and growing stronger as a dancer at APA she is also learning to be confident in herself and respectful of others. It shows in her smile ever time she dances!"

~ Kim, mom of 12 year old

"We are so fortunate to have Ambition Performing Arts as our community dance studio. My children are a part of both the competitive and recreational dance programs. They have benefited in so many ways including skill development, self esteem, friendships, and being part of a team. Having passionate teachers sharing their love of dance with my children has been a wonderful experience."

~ Charlene, mom and caregiver

"I have been with APA for over 4 years. I love that the dance classes are fun and exciting, but still challenging and technical. I've made some really great friends at APA and have had some fabulous experiences in competitions, recitals and class."

~ Ainsley, 13 year old

"Since I started dancing at APA, I've been a whole new person. I used to be really shy, and now my favorite place to be is on stage. Ambition has taught me many skills other than just dance, such as team building, body awareness, sportsmanship, and how to deal with stressful situations outside of dance. you really learn to keep your cool and remember that everything you do is just one little step. all us senior dancers are very close with each other as well as the little ones, and we're very welcoming to new students! :) I love this studio for so many reasons and I highly recommend it if you want a family like team by your side for your training."

~ Ainsley (Dancer at APA)

"APA provides a wonderful atmosphere for my daughter to grow as a dancer and a person. Everyone is encouraged to do their best and work together as a team. The teachers serve as positive role models who teach with true enthusiasm and excitement for dance. It is wonderful to see her self confidence grow!"

~ Helen, mom of 9 year old

"Ambition Performing Arts helped me increase my self confidence and has allowed me to create lifelong friendships. With the opportunities presented at the studio I was able to grow as a person, and as a dancer. Thank you!"

~ Jennifer, university student

"I love sending my daughter to APA because she enjoys it so much and has a lot of fun. She is always excited to go and has never complained once about “having” to go. The staff is great, friendly and very approachable."

~ Tammy, mom of 6 year old

"We have been involved with APA in Airdrie since it first opened in 2006. I've always been impressed with the quality of dance instruction and the ability the teachers have of building a relationship with the dancers while still being able to maintain respect and discipline in the classrooms. I feel, as a parent, that I'm a welcomed participant in my child's dance activities - not just her dance classes, but her dance "life" (costume and music choices, competitions, etc.) and always look forward to watching the result of all the hard work at competitions and dance recitals."

~ Nancy, mom of 13 year old

"The most things I like is the teachers because they are all fun, nice and great! They always try hard to teach their best and make all the students enjoy being at A.P.A. I also love competitive, going on stage and competing with others. I am glad I go to A.P.A."

~ Aleeyah, age 11

"When I first came to APA I was 5 years old so obviously I didn’t know much about dance, but since I’ve been here for the past 7 years I have learned about dance as well as so many other things! I have learned teamwork and strength as a person and dancer but most importantly I have learned to never say “I can’t do that” or ever give up. While I have been here I have met so many interesting people and made lots of friends out of my classmates. I can’t even begin to explain the benefits of having these great teachers that never give up on us and support and encourage us through our dancing. The studio is always friendly and I always look forward to going to dance."

~ Reese, 12 years old

"We first signed up at Ambition Performing Arts due to it being very close to home. We have stayed for the last 7 years, due in part to the quality of instruction and the close friends my daughter has made there. The staff cares not only about my daughter’s development as a dancer, but also as a human being. She has gained confidence and learned valuable lessons of respect, team work and commitment."

~ Charlotte, mom of 12 year old

  1. "I love APA because the teachers are so nice.
  2. I love APA because I love dancing so much and it is a lot of fun there.
  3. I love going to APA because I meet a lot of friends.
  4. I learn a lot of dances at APA.
  5. How much would you love APA ---- LOTS!"

~ Olyvia, 6 years old

"We have been with Ambition Performing Arts (APA as we like to call it) since it opened its doors in Hansen Ranch in 2003. Our daughter literally glows with the love of dance and APA fuels that glow. The helpful office staff, the engaged and creative teachers, and the great facilities are all part of why we keep coming back year after year."

~ Debra, mom of 12 year old



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