APA Parents Committee

The APA Parents Committee was formed by volunteer parents, who wish to ease some of the costs associated to the competitive dance program, and to provide community service opportunities for their dancers.

Each fundraising event is voluntary and the funds earned from each event are distributed amongst the participants, to the group or to an individual, managed per event.

A portion of all fundraising monies is held by the parent committee; to fund future events, provide enrichment opportunities for the dancers, and to be able to give back in the form of scholarships to the greater APA dance family.

This committee is restricted to the Competition Team and Performance Team Dancers at Ambition Performing Arts (APA) in Airdrie.

Committee Executive Positions

President - Pam Smith
Vice President - Lora Dunford
Treasure - Denise Gagne
Secretary - Autumn Heinze

For current and upcoming events please visit us on Facebook.

Contact us at parentscommittee@ambitionarts.com.
We will make every effort to reply to you within 48 hours.


1. Who can participate in the APA Parent Committee fundraising events?

The fundraising events are open to all competitive and performance dancers from APA.

2. Is it mandatory to be involved in the fundraising events or are there costs involved if we aren’t?

No, it's neither mandatory, nor are there costs involved. Each fundraising event is treated individually and you can sign up for as many or as few as you wish. The funds earned from each event will be distributed to the dancers who participated in that particular event.

Group Fundraisers are distributed evenly amongst all participants (eg. Bottle Drives), and Individual Fundraisers (eg. Product Sales) are allocated to the individual dancer.

3. How can I access the funds that have been earned for my dancer?

The APA Competitive Parents Committee is a separate entity from Ambition Performing Arts and the Committee is keeping detailed accounts of the funds raised and "distributed" for dancers.

Twice each dance season, funds accumulated will be transferred to Ambition Performing Arts and deposited to your dancer's account. The funds can then be used for dance related fees (registration fees, exam fees, competition fees etc.), costumes and team wear. At no time will the Parent Committee issue a cheque or cash directly to the dancer or parents.


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