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1. My child is slightly younger than the age listed for the class. Can they still go into the older class?

The age cutoff for our programming is October 31st. Your child must be the age of the class by this date to join in. We have to be mindful of the dancers who are also older in the class spectrum when younger ones are trying to join in. Thank you for understanding why we have to be tight on the age restrictions – we want everyone to be happy in our classrooms.

2. What if my child wants to try a different style of class or we have an unforeseen conflict with our class time. What can we do?

We often have several other options for suitable classes that might be a better fit for your schedule. Please ask us if there is another option, we are happy to work with you whenever possible.

3. What if we are moving and need to cancel our registration?

Our cancellation policy requires 30 days notice in advance of the cancellation. Please come into the office and fill out our withdrawal form and we will process your request in accordance with our policies.

4. My child is just looking for a fun, recreational experience. Do you have a class for that?

YES!! We are specialists in the beginning dancer from ages 0 to adult, we have a class for you. We offer many options for all ages and abilities. We have sessional classes that run for up to 4 months per session. We also have beginner classes that run the length of a school year (10 months) and participate in our dance recital on stage with a costume.

5. The class I want to register for is full. What should I do?

All our classes do have limited sizes so that we can offer the best instructional environment possible. Most of our classes have maximums of 14. If the class you want is full we highly recommend registering for the next best choice, our experienced office staff can help you determine what that is if you need help. We also encourage you to place your dancer on the waitlist for the full class, often we are able to accommodate you, but if you don’t give us your name we will never know you need a phone call for an opening! Our currently registered students always get preferred registration for the following season as well, so being a current student allows you to be guaranteed a spot in the following season in your first choice class.

6. How many students are in a class? What is the teacher to student ratio?

Our class sizes are limited in order to provide the best instructional environment possible for your dancer. The largest class that we offer recreational students is 14. In cases where it is suitable we will also provide a student assistant in the classroom.

7. How do I know which class is the best fit? There are so many to choose from!

Let our experienced office staff help you determine which class is the best fit for your child’s interests and personality. It is our job to help you and we pride ourselves on helping you make those choices. We also offer great summer dance camp programming that allows your first timer to try out a variety of styles to figure out which one they like best, we also provide a report card at the end of the camp to provide you an idea of what your child showed interest and promise in.

8. Can my child view a class or try a class before deciding on which one to register for?

We are happy to offer you a chance to view the class from our lobby through viewing windows or through our live feed tv’s. In some cases we are not able to offer trial classes as we have to preserve the classroom environment for those students who are committed and making an investment into their training. We do suggest registering and committing to a month of classes in order to really get a feel for what is being offered in the class – sometimes one class is not enough to really know all that is going on in the room. Please be advised though that class spaces are limited and priority is given to students committing to the full session or season, and you may lose your spot while you are trying to decide!

9. I danced when I was younger or I have taken a year or two off to try other activities. I want to dance again, how do I know which class and level is right for me?

Our expert staff is able to place you in a class based on your age and previous experience. Using your previous experience in both dance and other activities, we will find the best fit. In some cases we may do an evaluation during your first lesson to ensure the class/level is the right one. We will ensure your class placement is the best fit for you. Leave the class placement up to us, we will remove the guess work.

10. Can I view my child in class? Do I have to stay for the duration?

Our studios are all equipped with a live feed camera to our lobbies as well as our rooms have viewing windows. This means you are able to view your child’s class anytime you wish from the lobby. We offer a parent viewing week in January where we invite you right into the classroom for a special up close presentation of class work. Our students love this week so be sure to mark it down on your calendar! Your children are in great professional care when they are with us, please feel free to leave them with us for their class and enjoy some down time or a chance to run your errands. Just remember to be prompt with picking your child up at the end of class as we cannot provide child minding for late pick ups.

11. My child’s friend is a student with you, can I put my child in the same class as her?

We love it when friends are able to learn together – it makes practicing more fun too! Please keep in mind in some cases training years may keep friends separated, but will do our best to please where we can. To protect our client’s privacy, we are not able to reveal which dancers are in each class, so make sure to ask your friend for their class details and we will do our best to keep you together.

12. What if my child is sick and misses a class? What is the policy for missed classes?

We all know that life happens and you cannot always have 100% attendance. Please call or email the office if you are going to miss a class – we worry about you when you do not come! If a suitable make up class is available we will do our best to offer something that is already on the schedule. We do not refund missed classes or part months of tuition, even in the case of extended absences (unless a doctors note can be provided). Your tuition holds your spot in class, so please be sure to let us know when we can expect you to return to class. We are always able to offer the option of a paid private lesson to catch up any dancer who feels behind. Please be sure to let us know if you are interested in this service – it is a great benefit to your child at anytime during the season for any reason!

13. I am not ready to commit my child to a full year at this time. If my child decides they are really enjoying it can we move to a full year class?

We are happy to move dancers into the classes that best suit their needs. If space permits and we can arrange a costume for the new recital class we are happy to move your child. Our sessional classes are being taught to the same standards as our full season classes, however some of the services we offer to our full year classes do provide better training value such as exams and performance opportunities that are not available to sessional dancers. If you find your child feeling a bit behind, we are always able to offer the option of a paid private lesson to catch up any dancer who feels behind. Please be sure to let us know if you are interested in this service – it is a great benefit to your child at anytime during the season for any reason!

14. How many classes should I be taking? How many classes is too many if I am a younger dancer?

Dance is like any other sport or skill you want to master. The more time you spend working at it the faster the results and the more proficient you become at the skills. The more hours you spend with instruction, regardless of the discipline the more rewarding the experience is. We have created a schedule that is in the best interest of a dancer who wishes to take one class through to those who wish to train in everything they can – no matter their age, 5 year olds included! With our schedule, we can assure you our professional knowledge is at work with the number of classes that appear in a day for your age group! Remember at some point if dance is something you wish to pursue at any depth, a ballet class will always be of great benefit, even to a hip hop dancer But do not worry if ballet is not up your alley right now, we are happy to help you reach your goals as best as we can while respecting your interests.

15. How can I register? Can I register over the phone? Can I hold a spot and pay at a later date?

We accept registrations in person and through our online feature through our website. We are happy to answer any questions you may have by phone, email or walking in to visit with us. Unfortunately we are not able to hold spaces in classes, your registration is not complete or your place in class confirmed until we have received your method of payment and first month with registration fee. Remember class sizes are limited so if you know which class works best for you, do not delay in getting your registration completed!

16. When do classes start and end? How do I find out about studio events like recital and holiday closures?

We have a feature on our website for the calendar of events. As soon as we know the dates of events the studio is hosting they are posted for you to see. Most current events are always posted on our home page. We send a monthly email as well with the calendar included every month, so be sure that we are not in your junk mail folder and that we have an up to date email address in your account. Along with all this, we also have all the upcoming events on our phone system and posted in the studio for you to see when you come each week.

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