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BIG Shoes Love little Feet

This dance class is designed for those ready to¬†start learning‚Ķwith a parent! Our curriculum incorporates ballet into basic body moves, fun dance steps, and movement-focused games, which will kick-start your little movers’ success!


Hippity Hop

Learn fun new movements that use a fusion¬†of Hip Hop & Jazz technique in these dance classes. This is an exciting¬†and challenging age-appropriate dance class¬†that’s fun for girls, and boys too! Dancers will learn¬†fundamental movement skills with a focus¬†on traveling skills (like sliding) and¬†balance movement, such as rolling and stopping).

Happy Feet

Happy Feet is a Ballet and Tap combination class. Students will enjoy dance classes that provide guided learning through creative movement, singing, ballet, and tap syllabus. Dancers will learn fundamental movement skills with a focus on traveling skills (like skipping) and balance movements (like spinning).

Tumble Tots

Tumble Tots is a our NEW combination class for little dancers who love to go upside-down and all around! This exciting new, age-appropriate class, will provide guided learning through creative movement, jazz, and acro syllabi. Dancers will love learning the fundamentals of dance, while focusing on fun traveling skills such as galloping and balance movements like stretching.


Broadway Babies is our newest program, for the broadway stars of tomorrow! In this two hour Musical Theatre class, Dancers will learn
fundamental movement skills with focus on coordination and musicality, while exploring the art of dancing (jazz, tap, and ballet), singing, and
acting. Snack time is provided Рplease bring snacks to this class!


Hip Hop

Using today’s popular music, learn some of your¬†favorite stars’ hottest moves! Several styles will¬†be explored, and your dancer will develop¬†rhythm, flow, and of course… cool moves! These dance classes are perfect for boys just starting out too.

Dance Theatre

Combining jazz technique with the excitement of performing, students will enjoy a combination of singing, dancing and acting. Dancers will be thrilled to create several mini-musicals in class throughout the year!


Our ballet classes follow RAD syllabus, which¬†promotes a strong technical base, grace,¬†and quality of movement. Ballet compliments¬†all disciplines of dance ‚Äď it’s a dancer’s¬†bread and butter!


Our Tap dance classes follow Al Gilbert and ADAPT syllabus, which provides dancers with a deep understanding of rhythm and timing. Your dancer will learn classic steps, and might be inspired to become the next Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers!


By incorporating ADAPT Jazz technique with the latest styles, we provide an excellent environment for success from recreation to professional aspirations. Dancers will develop a strong technical base while grooving to upbeat music!

Jazz / Lyrical

These dance classes feature combinations in ballet, jazz, modern and more! The class enhances stage performance, style, and development as a performer. We recommend dancers who take this class also enroll in ballet to enhance their overall experience.

Recreational Acro Jazz

The perfect class for those who love to go upsidedown! Following Acrobatic Arts and ADAPT syllabi, dancers will explore basic gymnastics skills including balances, somersaults and cartwheels, and work on developing strength and flexibility by incorporating jazz techniques.

Boys Hip Hop/Ninja Tumbling

This power charged class is a cool blend of your favourite star’s Hip Hop moves, and super stealth Ninja Tumbling! This class will explore several styles of hip hop to help your dancer develop rhythm and flow, and will also teach skills like ninja rolls, speed vaults, handstands, and MORE! Get ready to channel your inner Ninja!


Everyone Deserves a Chance to Dance

Chance to Dance is a full-year combination tap and ballet dance classes designed for students between the ages of 6-8 who are dealing with mobility issues and/or motor skill delays or difficulties. Students will be encouraged to develop their strength and coordination while learning the fundamental elements of dance, including movement, rhythm, and musicality, in an inclusive and supportive environment.

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Beginning Piano

Students will learn the foundations in keyboard skills and music theory. Through a combination of technical exercises designed to develop proper keyboard skills and an exploration of appropriate beginner repertoire, students will develop basic piano technique, explore the foundations of music theory and sight reading, and gain a greater appreciation of music. This class will be taught on an individual basis and is most appropriate for students with little to no prior keyboard experience.

Intermediate Piano

Through a combination of technical exercises and repertoire, students will develop piano technique, explore concepts in music theory and sight reading, and gain a greater appreciation of music. In addition, this class will give students the option to study the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus with the potential to examine in Grades 1-4. This class will be taught on an individual basis and is appropriate for beginning as well as intermediate students.


Students will explore the technical and expressive aspects of singing. Through a variety of exercises designed to enhance vocal skill and strength, and appropriate repertoire selections, students can expect to gain knowledge of vocal technique, enhance their musicality, and gain confidence. A variety of musical genres will be explored including classical, musical theatre, and contemporary styles. This class will be taught on an individual basis and will be tailored to meet the abilities and interests of the student.


Is your child born to perform?

From the recreational dancer to the aspiring professional dancer, Ambition Arts has a Performing Group for every level. Your child will grow in confidence and competence through Summer camps, rehearsals, local performances and more!

They’ll work on perfecting skills such as flexibility and technique so they can continue to grow as an artist… all under the supervision of our positive and encouraging staff.

Plus, Performance Group members tend to have more success in auditions for high school dance team, theatre, and show choir, as well as programs at the college or university level.

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At APA, we believe that our dancers should be trained in multiple disciplines. Dancers who train in more than one discipline tend to learn faster in general and develop a sense of master significantly faster than those who do not.

Dancers enrolled in our Accelerated and Elite Training Programs¬†are required to take a certain number of core classes (depending on their age/level) and participate in exams. Dancers who participate in these same programs are also eligible to audition for our competition team. ūüôā

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APA’s Award winning Competition Team is a special program designed for dancers who love to perform and who desire a more intense level of training. Competition Team is not just dance education; it’s a total education.

Competition Team provides serious dancers a unique opportunity for pre-professional development through accelerated classes, cutting-edge master classes with industry professionals, and competitions, giving dancers an introduction to the world of professional dance.

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No problem! Discover Dance Camps run from October to June and every month is a new, fun theme! Dancers will explore various styles including hip hop, jazz, tap and ballet.¬†Students will also participate in a fun, themed craft and snack time as well. ūüôā

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