Chance To Dance Program

Dance Classes for Ages of 6 - 8 who are dealing with mobility issues and/or motor skill delays or difficulties.

Chance to Dance is a full-year combination tap and ballet class designed for students between the ages of 6-8 who are dealing with mobility issues and/or motor skill delays or difficulties. Students will be encouraged to develop their strength and coordination while learning the fundamental elements of dance, including movement, rhythm, and musicality, in an inclusive and supportive environment.

$57/month (or $570/full year),
$75 recital costume fee
*all prices do not include GST ore Registration Fee


Saturday 12:30-1:15pm

(September to June)




Who is it for?

This class will be smaller in size and is specifically designed for children between the ages of 6-8 who are dealing with mobility issues and/or motor skill delays or difficulties.

What will students learn?

This class is a combination of tap and ballet in which students will learn the foundational elements of dance including movement, rhythm, and musicality. Students will benefit from more individualized instruction and support and will also have the opportunity to learn alongside peers of similar abilities.

How will the class be structured?

The first half of class will be dedicated to tap. After a full-body warm-up, students will learn basic tap steps at the barre and will then progress to practicing them across the floor and in the centre. This section of class will specifically emphasize balance and lower body coordination. The students will then change their shoes in class for the ballet portion. Students will learn foundational ballet movements at the barre and in the centre, and will practice travelling steps across the floor. This section of class will focus on strengthening and lengthening muscles while developing full-body coordination.

How will it benefit my child?

Dance encourages large muscle movement and promotes greater joint mobility along with muscle tone, spatial awareness and co-ordination. This class is designed to provide each student with ample opportunity to explore movement in dance with focused teacher support and appropriate pacing. Students will also benefit socially as they build their confidence and creativity in a safe and inclusive classroom environment.

What will my child need?

Along with a black body suit and pink tights, students will need pink ballet shoes and either beige tap shoes or indoor runners. If your child needs to wear a brace they are welcome to do so in class and the dress code can be adjusted as needed.

Can my child still participate in regular classes?

Absolutely! This program functions as a stand-alone class, but can also act as a great supplement to other dance classes in that it will allow students to build on and further develop the skills taught in other classes.

Will my child be able to participate in recital?

Of course! Towards the end of the season, students will learn appropriate choreography that they will be able to perform for friends and family in our year-end recital.


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